Destructive Testing And Documentation

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing, or invasive testing, is a systematic process of deconstructing a property’s building components to examine the construction assemblies. This is an investigative process intended to test and document specific materials and applications to determine if they are functioning within best practices and industry standards—or if they are defective in function or design.

WRB Construction provides comprehensive destructive testing (invasive testing) and reporting for building consultants and construction defect litigation. Our focus of expertise lies in exterior cladding systems, waterproofing, and building envelope construction.

What qualifies us as destructive testing experts.

WRB Construction is regularly called upon to execute targeted repair work to multifamily and multi-resident occupied buildings. Like most industries, there are varying degrees of quality in both material and the installation of those materials. Subsequently, there are varying degrees of quality that are specific to the years these structures were built, or rehabilitated. From our management team, supervisors, and expert technicians we have seen a wide array of construction defects. 

We have followed written repair scopes provided by consultants and developed our own repair scopes using adherence to building code, manufacturers installation guidelines, best practices, and industry standards. As a company that focuses on curing construction defects and rehabilitating buildings with known defective construction assemblies, WRB Construction is well versed in identifying and classifying defective construction installation methods and materials.

Destructive Testing

Detailed documentation is always provided.

Destructive, or invasive, testing is largely accepted as the most comprehensive method in discovering and documenting construction defects. There are other methods such as non-destructive surveys, infrared moisture surveys, air barrier surveys, and electrical capacity surveys. These methods can be a key piece of information in early stages of defect investigation. They can provide evidence that a moisture intrusion, construction defect, or building system irregularity or failure is occurring. That being said, there is just no substitute for physical forensic evidence.

WRB Construction provides detailed written and photo documentation for every step of the testing process. WRB Construction will start by taking initial whole building elevation and close up photographs of the existing conditions. WRB Construction uses a descriptive dry-erase board to caption and detail the photos with written descriptions of our visual observations and factual findings. Next, we will photo document every step of the deconstruction process. This method allows WRB Construction to provide a step-by-step detailed narrative that clearly illustrates each step of the defective construction assembly.

While many consultants or litigation professionals will take this physical evidence and create their own report, WRB Construction can provide detailed and accurate reporting of the facts and findings of the physical investigation. Coupled with our detailed photo documentation, our destructive testing reports can be a powerful piece of construction defect investigation and summary.

Expert witness: Credible construction testimony.

Often expert testimony is handled by regional building consultants. There are times when contractors are called upon to testify to the facts and findings of destructive testing or forensic moisture intrusion investigations. 

You can count on WRB Construction to provide reliable expert witness testimony in those instances. 

With our extensive expertise and knowledge of best practices, installation guidelines, industry standards, technical language, international building code and local building code, and complex issues to the tier of fact WRB Construction can be counted on to provide credible testimony.

Some areas we can provide expert testimony include:

  • Building Envelope Construction
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Construction Defects
  • Waterproofing Design Evaluation
  • Proper Cladding Installation
  • Quality Issues
  • Cost Estimates
  • Price Discrepancies
  • Structural Damages
  • Forensic Moisture Intrusion
  • Accuracy of Reserve Studies

Exacting standards and professionalism.

You can count on WRB Construction to be professional and reliable in any testing and documenting processes or procedures. We understand the need for absolute accuracy and diligence in all construction investigations and reports. WRB Construction understands and adheres to the principal of responsible stewardship of our client’s property, intellectual or physical. Contact us today to learn more about our destructive testing services.