Multi-Family Siding Repair

First Impressions

Siding is one of the first things residents will notice when visiting your buildings. You’ve worked hard to build your community—don’t let unappealing or damaged siding diminish that spotless reputation. WRB can revitalize the appearance of your multi-family building by repairing or replacing damaged commercial siding.

Why should you repair or replacing siding?

With the climate we enjoy here in Oregon, we deal with a large amount of wet and often humid weather. The cold and rainy weather can diminish your building’s curb appeal. If not properly maintained, it can result in costly repair bills. 

Every crack, dent, or ding could compromise the integrity of your siding and let moisture find a path behind your siding. With new low-maintenance commercial siding repair options available, siding repair is a smart decision for protecting your investment.

The following are the signs you might need new or repaired siding:

  • Cracks in the siding that can let moisture in.
  • Crushed siding from external impacts.
  • Sagging or poorly installed siding.
  • Discolored siding from weather.
  • High energy bills from low-efficiency materials, or damaged building envelope.
  • Past repair projects that have compromised the siding.
  • Routine siding maintenance is failing to keep the siding looking great.
Multi-Family Siding Repair

What are the benefits?

With new multi-family siding material and updated weather resistant barrier installed by the building envelope professional at WRB you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  1. All the installers at WRB are certified Tyvek installers and that means the job is completed right the first time and your building will be watertight.
  2. New high-efficiency materials available in today’s market could be saving you money on energy costs.
  3. Lower maintenance cost on newly installed siding. 
  4. Last but not least, your building will look amazing and attract more tenants!

Multi-Family Siding Repair

How WRB Construction can help.

WRB Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured multi-family siding repair contractor that specializes in commercial siding repair, replacement, and structural restoration. Our primary objective is to provide you with industry-leading exterior rehabilitation, structure repair, waterproofing, and building repair services. Our structural framing expertise, in conjunction with our knowledge of envelope assembly and building science, makes WRB Construction ideally suited to renew your building’s curb appeal. We offer complete inspections of your entire building/property or limited inspections of specific areas of concern. Upon completion of the inspection, we provide a written report that identifies any potential underlying issues. The report will address areas of damage and the suspected conditions that have caused or could lead to damage. The report also outlines preventative maintenance recommendations. When property owners are ready to update or repair the siding our qualified team of master carpenters, experienced journeymen and construction managers possess the knowledge and skill sets to produce a finished project that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our multi-family siding repair services. (503) 427-1982

Multi-Family Siding Repair With JamesHardie®

James Hardie fiber cement siding products are easy to maintain and designed to withstand all of the severe weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest. With over 8 million installations across the country, James Hardie has become the recognized leader and the preferred choice for Portland multi-family, HOA, and apartment complexes. When you want James Hardie Siding installed or repaired precisely, be sure to use a certified multi-family siding repair contractor who specializes in James Hardie Siding installation and repairs.

Certified Multi-Family Siding Repair

First, a certified multi-family siding repair contractor will have undergone specialized training and certification by James Hardie. This ensures that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly install and repair James Hardie siding products.

Second, using a certified multi-family siding repair contractor can also help ensure that your warranty is valid. James Hardie offers a limited warranty on its products, but this warranty may be voided if the siding is not installed or repaired properly. By using a certified commercial siding contractor, you can be sure that your siding is installed or repaired according to James Hardie’s specifications. This can help protect your investment.

Finally, a certified commercial siding contractor who specializes in James Hardie Siding installation and repairs will have experience working with this specific product, which can help ensure that the installation or repair is done correctly and efficiently.

Overall, while it’s important to choose a siding repair contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. Using a certified siding contractor who specializes in James Hardie Siding installation and repairs can provide added benefits and assurance that your siding is installed or repaired correctly.