Multi-Family Contractor

Multi-family contractor focused on building envelope repair and siding restoration projects with structural damage due to water intrusion and dry rot from construction defects.

Are you a multi-family community manager, or board member looking for answers? We can help.

WRB Construction


Who we are.

We are a full-service multi-family contractor who understands your needs as an owner, manager, or board member of a multi-family, senior living facility or HOA-governed community.

We have decades of experience properly restoring all facets of your building’s envelope system.

Dry Rot Repair Experts

We are the first Portland multi-family contractor to specialize in properly treating dry rot and repairing structural issues caused by water intrusion. From apartments to townhomes to condos and beyond, we excel at repairing damaged structures—making them safe and valuable again.

What we do.

Our specialties include the following commercial and multi-family contractor repair services:

Why we're different.

What separates WRB Construction from other multi-family contractors?

Our proven restoration methodology and repeatable processes set us apart—allowing us to deliver predictable and superior results.

Dedicated Project Liaison

Every project is assigned an expert multi-family project liaison, who acts as an intermediary between tenants and owners; and management and association. 

Our fluid communication help renovation projects run smoothly with minimal impact on community operations.

We specialize in restoring occupied spaces.

We are a large condominium complex and reached out to WRB Construction initially for their reputation of dealing with dry rot, deck and balcony replacement. We are so glad we did! Their knowledge, expertise, customer service, communication, quality and ability to work within our budget has been incredible. Our residents have been thrilled with their new decks, walkways, and balconies and have nothing but wonderful things to say with their experience with the crew. We even had a resident thank the board for hiring WRB (no joke) and commented on their knowledge and friendliness. Bryan, Julie, and Alex have been amazing every step of the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

—Jana, Sylvan Heights

Siding Repair and Building Renovation

Why siding is important.

Siding is the first layer of defense in your home’s building envelope system. Your siding protects the moisture barrier, flashing, and other waterproofing components.

WRB Construction performs everything from targeted siding repairs designed to prolong the life of the outer layer of your multi-family building—to complete commercial siding renovations.

Neglecting siding repairs can result in dry rot.

Portland has a wet climate, and keeping moisture out of your building is critical to keep tenants safe. If water can penetrate your building envelope, it can lead to other issues, such as mold, dry rot, and structural damage. This can cost you money and reduce property value over time.

Construction defects and damages can be a direct path to moisture intrusion. Siding repairs must be done by a qualified, experienced multi-family contractor as soon as possible.

Dry Rot Remediation

Water damage is a leading cause of dry rot.

We offer a long-lasting solution to dry rot by isolating the source of water intrusion. With surgical precision, our dry rot repair crews work efficiently to target and repair rotted areas only.

Furthermore, we have the experience, training and proper construction methods which enable us to remediate damaged areas and make them better than new.

Neglecting dry rot can lead to structural problems.

If a screwdriver or knife can easily penetrate your structure you could have dry rot. We are professionals at uncovering the root cause and fixing a variety of exterior siding, wood framing, and structural issues with your home.

The rain in Oregon and Washington can penetrate the siding of your home and cause dry rot in wood studs, beams, joists, rafters, or trusses. This doesn’t mean you have to start over. It just means you need a dry rot contractor who can perform a targeted siding repair as well.

Multi-Family Contractor

Our proven restoration methodology and repeatable processes set us apart. This allows us to deliver predictable and superior results.

WRB Construction is your go-to contractor for multi-family and commercial repair work in the greater Portland area (including The Oregon Coast). We specialize in various interior and exterior services for apartments, condominiums, townhouses, senior living facilities, schools, commercial buildings, and more. 

Our experts repair problem areas with the correct reconstruction of all facets of the building envelope, and integrate new materials providing, in many cases, a better than new solution.

We do high-quality repair and renovation work that enhances the value of your multi-family properties and commercial buildings. Our work will attract new tenants and give them a happier place to live or work. We do this while taking great care to minimize disruption to the owners, employees, and residents. 

With nearly 2 decades of multi-family contractor and commercial repair experience, our skilled professionals are adept at working efficiently, safely, on schedule, and always with a positive demeanor. 

Multi-Family Contractor and Commercial Siding Expert

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Defects involving the building’s envelope system.

Construction defects, moisture, and fungus.

Technically it is possible, but you shouldn’t. When dealing with homes it is always important to ensure work is up to code.

The acronym: SPF literally stands for Spruce, Pine, or Fir which refers to the species of wood typically used to trim windows. These are soft, inexpensive woods and are not recommended for our climate.

False: A skilled and knowledgable siding contractor experienced in dry rot repair can perform targeted repairs and integrate new waterproofing with the existing waterproofing. We specialize in targeted dry rot and siding repairs.

South / Southwest. Most of our winter weather and wind-driven rain comes off The Coast from that direction—and in the summer, the extreme heat just adds to the damaging cycle.

First to specialize in dry rot repair, a proven methodology and repeatable process, personal project liaison.

Yes. WRB Construction has an “in-house” painting division.

Yes! Your personal project liaison will be more than happy to speak with HOA boards.

Community Partners

WRB Construction supports several industry associations by sponsoring local events as well as other multi-family contractor member activities.