Construction Defects

Construction Defects Can Trigger Multiple Related Repair Issues

WRB Construction specializes in construction defect cure and repair. We have the technical knowledge, equipment, and highly skilled teams to assist property owners, HOA boards, and community managers in the aftermath of construction defect litigation.

What are construction defects?

Construction defects are typically defined as defects in the design, materials, or workmanship that results in a failure to construct the building in a workmanlike manner, commonly referred to as best practice or industry standard. Another qualifier for construction defects is building assemblies that fail to perform in the manner they were reasonably intended, usually resulting in financial hardship to the property owner.

Construction defects in the Pacific Northwest.

The most prevalent defects we face in the NW involve the envelope system. A building envelope, by definition, is the physical separation or barrier, between the outdoors and the conditioned environment of a building. Building envelopes help to control moisture intrusion, air flow, and heat loss. In layman’s terms the building envelope is the weather resistant barrier that is protected by the siding system.

Construction Defects

Waterproofing, Flashing, And Exterior Finishes

Typically, a building consultant qualified to examine waterproofing, flashing, exterior finishes, and structure will be brought in to investigate and evaluate the building and identify and classify construction defects. These investigations rely on observation as well as invasive and non-destructive testing procedures. Our region has highly skilled professional construction consultants that are experts in waterproofing design and envelope assembly. WRB Construction has great relationships with our local consulting firms.

After the consultants identify the defects, they prepare a report detailing the specific nature of the errors. Typically, the reports will include a written description of the defect supported by photo documentation, as well as a detail showing the proper assembly method. Next, they provide a written repair scope, so the contractor can accurately cure the defects.

How can building owners and maintenance professionals spot potential construction defects?

There are observable conditions that building owners, property managers, and maintenance technicians can spot for signs of construction defects.

  • Deteriorated or dry-rotted exterior trim or siding
  • Moisture intrusion – leaking windows and roofs
  • Mold and spore growth
  • Lack of metal flashing over windows and doors
  • Windows and doors not operating smoothly or correctly

If you observe any of the aforementioned conditions, WRB Construction is available to schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your building(s). Let WRB Construction assist you in detecting and repairing your property’s construction defects. We use industry leading technology such as infrared cameras, borescopes, and moisture meters to investigate and determine the likelihood of underlying damage and defect. If needed WRB Construction will collaborate with local consultants and engineers.

Why repairing construction defects is so important.

Defective construction assembly is a major detriment to the overall longevity and structural integrity of buildings. It also leads to diminished property value and financial harm of the building owner(s). Construction defects can also put owners at risk of endangering occupants and tenants. Dry rot and water damage can lead to unsafe structural conditions. 

Fungal and mold can lead to unhealthy environmental conditions that can promote illness and respiratory problems. Health and safety are critical for occupied buildings. Failure to provide safe and environmentally healthy living conditions can place building owners at risk of litigation.

Why choosing the right contractor matters.

WRB Construction’s adherence to local building code and international building code, industry standards, and best practices are a major factor in performing these types of repairs.

We dedicate 100s of hours to training and certification.

We dedicate hundreds of hours training all our technicians. Our project supervisors and project managers are certified in the installation of many siding and waterproofing systems. WRB Construction’s training and knowledge, along with our exacting standards, are what differentiate us from other companies. Construction defects are a common and systemic issue. Multifamily communities, commercial building owners, and residential property owners should take steps to ensure their property is protected from harm. Whether you have been involved in litigation or not, WRB Construction can be a proactive partner in assisting you detect and mitigate improperly installed and defective construction assemblies. Call today to discuss your construction defect issues.